Did you know that we have a new Surveillance Camera Commissioner?….

Surveillance Camera Comm logoWell we do!

In February 2014 the Home Office
announced that Andrew Rennison had been replaced by Tony Porter whose duties include:


  • encouraging compliance with the surveillance camera code of practice
  • providing advice on the effective, appropriate, proportionate and transparent use of surveillance camera systems
  • providing advice on operational and technical standards
  • reviewing how the code of practice is working and advising the government where any changes may be necessary

Anyway, our Surveillance Camera Commissioner has produced a self-assessment tool to help organisations that use surveillance cameras ensure they are complying with the principles in the code. It should be completed in conjunction with the surveillance camera code of practice and in the interests of transparency the Commissioner is encouraging operators to publish the self-assessment on their website.

Additionally the Commissioner has published his Annual Report which was laid before Parliament on 16th December. Of interest to housing providers will be the Commissioners ongoing interest in the sector and he is on record as saying

I intend to focus like a laser on those organisations that walk ‘in the shoes’ of Local Authorities (residential social landlords/some leisure and housing organisations) that operate outside of Local Authority governance but receive monies from that funding scheme.

The full report of the Commissioner can be read here

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