First review by Independent Victims` Commissioner….

The Independent Victims` Commissioner, Baroness Newlove,
in her first review of compliance with the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime (the Victims` Code) says:

“there is a gap between the handling of complaints as
described by criminal justice agencies and how victims
feel they have been treated”.

The Commissioners role is to promote the interests of victim and witnesses, to encourage good practice in their treatment and to regularly review the Victims` Code which sets out the service expected. The overall conclusion in the review is that:

“despite some positive developments that have taken place, behaviours by criminal justice staff need to change in order to improve victims’ experiences. Changes in policy are not enough; agencies should ensure there are changes to practice.”

To help effect the cultural change desired, the Commissioner has come up with a set of standards to “help agencies review and develop their practice. Agencies and service providers meeting these standards are more likely to be fulfilling their duties to victims under the Victims’ Code in a way which is meaningful to victims.”

Further information: 

Read the full review here

Read the code of practice here

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