Latest information on the Troubled Families programme….

DCLG has published its latest report on the Troubled  Families Programme with information on families turned around as at the end of September 2014 and progress information to the end of October 2014.

Based on information from the 152 upper tier local authorities in England the official figures show that:-

  • Families in programme 117,910
  • Families worked with 117,267
  • Families achieving crime/ASB/education result  77,270 (up from 63,151)
  • Families achieving continuous employment result 8,033 (up from 6,357)
  • Families achieving progress to work outcome 7,347 (up from 5,893)
  • Families turned around  85,303 (up from 69,508)

Further information

More detailed data, including the progress of each individual authority is available here

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