Proposals to reform Welsh rented housing sector….

The Welsh Government has published proposals to improve and simplify the rented housing sector.

The Renting Homes (Wales) Bill is intended to cover local authorities, housing associations and private landlords with one single piece of legislation. The Bill will  replace numerous types of tenancies and licences with just two types of contract – one for the private rented sector and one for the social rented sector.

In addition to providing simpler and more flexible arrangements for renting a home, the Bill will help to:

  • Create a more flexible framework to help support the victims of domestic abuse
  • Address housing related anti-social behaviour
  • Ensure a more flexible approach to joint tenancies
  • Provide a more consistent approach to succession rights
  • Establish fairer and more consistent arrangements for eviction for rent arrears
  • Clarify obligations for repair and matters relating to the condition of a property.

The Bill will also enable 16 and 17 year olds to rent their own property for the first time.

For antisocial behaviour the Bill proposes  a “Prohibited Conduct” Clause

Further information

Read a summary of the Bill here

Read the full Bill here

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