ReACT Needs You!

Over the next 12 months we are putting together a program of Articles, Webinars and Open Mornings for new prospects and existing ReACT customers. To do this, ReACT needs you!

We are hoping to create a series of campaigns targeting over 1500 beneficiaries and all our existing customers consisting of the following;

Week 1: Article specific to a particular subject area for managing ASB (1 A4 Page)

Week 2: Webinar specific to a particular subject area for managing ASB (15 minute slot)

Week 3: Open Morning – 9-11am (Location to be confirmed) (45 minute slot / speaking and Q&A)

Each article and webinar would be supplemented by an industry leaders input outlining their expertise.

We are looking for current ReACT customers to showcase their experiences both operationally and relating that back to ReACT for the following subject areas.

· HouseMark Accreditation
· Community Safety Partnerships & Partnership Working
· The Troubled Families Programme
· Safeguarding Children & Adults
· Domestic Abuse
· The Court Process
· Managing Witnesses
· Restorative Justice
· The Community Trigger
· Agile / Mobile Working

We would be happy to remunerate any expenses that might be incurred by your involvement in this project.

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