Why Stevenage Council Use ReACT

Learn how Stevenage Borough Council overcame budget constraints to improve their service and produce reports with ease using ReACT.


Previous to having ReACT, all of their ASB data was recorded onto spreadsheets in Excel. This system relied on officers entering data and updating it regularly and data could easily be corrupted. They also had individual paper files, which were sometimes difficult to locate if the case officer was not in the office. It also took one officer three days to produce the stats for HouseMark ASB Benchmarking each quarter.

Stevenage Borough Council were in need of a solution to ensure correct reporting, reduce paper information, reduce the preparation time on reports and improve their service. They also required improved control to flag up when the next action is due to the officer dealing with the case and to their line manager. Another important factor was that standard letters set up on the system, ensuring a consistent house style.


Stevenage Borough Council were very impressed after having a demonstration of ReACT. However, they were unable to progress the purchase due to budget constraints at that time, It took a while but eventually they were ultimately successful with obtaining the funding required.

They had to put together a project team who could dedicate time to the configuration of the system. They wanted to set the system up as an “idiots guide” to dealing with a case, They felt that a lot of thought had to go into their policies and procedures, but felt it was worthwhile in the long term.


The production of reports is much easier and customer service has improved, as any one of the trained users can look at a case and assist callers without the need for the dealing officer to call them back.

Targets for actions are being achieved due to reminders being generated by the system and these can also be redirected if the case officer is away from the office or on leave.

A particular benefit is that file notes can be printed from the system, if required, and hot spotting using Google maps is easy to identify through reports. Users are pleased with the application and find it easy to use.


Staff at Stevenage Borough Council felt that by making a wish list of what they would like an ASB database to be able to do for them and their organisation and to then have a demonstration of ReACT; would enable them to see how close the system would come to their wish list of requirements.

Stevenage Borough Council feel that support is excellent and the ReACT Team are all very willing to assist in any way that they can. If there is anything that the system does not currently do, ReACT are willing to look at suggestions to be implemented into version updates.  They are very happy with the service that has been provided, from arranging the demonstration right through to going live.

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