Managing Noise Nuisance – The Noise App

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The Noise App

In the build-up to ReACT’s latest webinar in the Anti-social Behaviour Resolution Tools series, Encentre Director Michael Eade explains The Noise App.

Noise app

After my last post I was asked to elaborate a bit more on the use of the Noise App. Here’s a brief explanation of what the app does and how it can benefit social landlords and local authorities.

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A noise recording and logging device – ‘noise diary’

Noise often only becomes unreasonable or a nuisance when it is persistent or where a state of affairs exists. For that reason it is necessary for residents to maintain an accurate diary of events; traditionally this is done on paper. However, sufferers often feel burdened by the necessity to collect evidence over time. The Noise App makes that process easier to maintain on a smartphone. The ability to record sound, send incidents as they occur and build their own case results in victims feeling more empowered and in control.

Connect directly to the service provider

Users know that they are connecting directly with the agency or housing provider who is responsible for investigating their allegation of anti-social noise. They can be assured that their diary entry has been received and can enter into dialogue with the investigating officer who is able to send them instant messages. The process is more open and less secretive with both the sufferer and service provider sharing the same information.

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A Triage Tool

The service provider is able to access all of your clients’ recordings and information instantly through their browser; allowing agencies to manage and review multiple ASB cases at once. Traditionally the investigation process tends to end up being either a ‘mass-trawl’ or ‘scatter-gun’ approach; which can be laborious and ineffective. The control panel enables them to identify and prioritise the more serious cases in order to focus resources where they are needed most.

As a sound recording device

In essence the App tool provides the service provider with a manually activated sound recording device without any of the associated equipment, calibration, travel or deployment costs. Rather than installing sound level meters in peoples’ homes victims make short recordings on their phones. As a result, there is no longer a need for hours of analysis or complicated acoustic assessment. On playback the sound recordings give a really good impression of the noise event within seconds.

Michael Eade is Director of Encentre and helps manage the website

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