Aston Uni teams up with ReACT

Learn how ReACT consulted with Aston University to create a cleaner & more intuitive experience for users of our anti-social behaviour case management software.

We contacted Dr. Jo Lumsden based at Aston University in Birmingham, Dr. Lumsden and her team have over 14 years of evaluating applications and websites with respect to Human Computer Interaction (HCI). This is covering, in simple terms, how well a user can interact and “use” a piece of software. Our objective was to provide our most stable ReACT v4.5 software for Dr Lumsden & co. to perform a Heuristic Evaluation.

Over a period of two months, a 50-page report was generated which highlighted 142 heuristic breaches that were recommended to be investigated to help improve the use of ReACT for the end user. After our own internal evaluation of the full report, 70 areas of ReACT were identified as possible causes of the heuristic breaches. Throughout the design phase of ReACT v4.6, the breaches were taken into account and changes were made to improve the user experience. The large majority of breaches have been addressed, however a very small number are not achievable due to the current platform that ReACT uses, from a technical perspective. These however are classed as “minor” breaches, on a scale of minor, serious and catastrophic – of which none of the 142 fell into!

An example of the breaches are such as how ReACT uses pop-up notifications, and that in certain areas they are distracting to the end-user. Another example is how ReACT shows buttons and menus that a user can’t press or interact with, and that can cause confusion, so as part of ReACT v4.6, they have been removed or disabled if they are not available to use.
The overall outcome of the Heuristic Evaluation is a much cleaner, more intuitive experience for our ReACT Users.

For more information on the Heuristic Evaluation please contact the team on 0121 384 2513 or email at