RUG 2015 in Summary

We have put together a brief summary of the day’s events at the 2015 ReACT User Group.

This year, at our 12th annual “RUG” meeting we decided to put the focus on helping every user of our case management system to get the best out of the software. We centred our discussion groups around areas that we felt would increase and strengthen the use of ReACT.

We also provided our clients with exclusive insight into v4.6 of our anti-social behaviour case management software while sharing our expertise of web services and mobile working. Resolve Anti-social Behaviour’s Janine Green joined the event and presented their vision to support those that use ReACT’s system and there was even a competition where the winner won a free upgrade. Read more to find out who won!

Discussion group 1 – Getting the best out of your ReACT system

The first tip we offered was a Triage Risk Assessments as a solution to ascertaining the immediate risk at first contact, even by call centre staff and without completing the full Risk Assessment.
The second discussion point was on ReACT’s potential for Social Care Case Management, recording Adult & Child Safeguarding, Tenancy Fraud, Domestic Abuse, Estate Management.

Discussion group 2 – Getting the best out of your ReACT system

Our second discussion group was aimed more at customer’s feedback on areas they wanted to discuss. Some interesting points were made and we are keen to hear from you about some of them.
The topic of Data Protection with regards to ReACT data appears to be a much larger topic once the surface is scratched. There does not appear to be one simple answer, but instead a complex mixture of criteria dependent on the internal policies of the individual company. ReACT will be investigating a module to allow for safe deletion of ReACT data in the future read more here
A large number of present users were unaware of the Outlook Plugin, allowing users to complete action stages direct from their calendar, file emails to a case, and, if they have Rapid Case Entry, add a case from within Outlook.
The new ReACT v4.6 facility of locking notes means that any Social Service Disclosure Documents that are usually locked in cabinets can now be attached to ReACT.

ReACT v4.6 Launch & New features

ReACT commissioned a Heuristic evaluation into the end-user experience of using the software performed & many of the items have been addressed in the latest version of ReACT v4.6.
ReACT v4.6 was launched on the day of the User Group, with a host of new features including:
  • Ability to access and amend Individual’s Details directly from Advanced Search
  • Relationships, Orders and Personal Notes can now be added against any ReACT Individual
  • Ability to lock down Case Notes to particular users
  • Default Case Action Stages by Risk Score
  • Actions can now be assigned to a specific Case Officer or their Managers to appear in their own task list

Release notes are available now. Request here

Web Services and ReACT Mobile

Web services allows the integration between ReACT and a third party system – either a Tenant portal or Police allowing users to push and pull information to and from ReACT’s core system.
ReACT mobile launched onto Microsoft windows, IOS to follow by Christmas & Android in early January.
ReACT mobile can to work both on and off line with the ability to add a note to case, or a pending note which will upload to ReACT today once connected to WiFi.

Janine Green, Resolve ASB

Formally SLCNG, rebranded in January 2015, with 4 strands of business activity. Members Services, professional practice, influencing and training.
They understand and recognises the pressures on members therefore are bringing in a 1% reduction in membership costs in 2016.
An overview of the New ASB regime the positive and negative effects.

And the winner is…

As mentioned, we offered one of the organisations who attended the opportunity to win a free upgrade to ReACT v4.6. We would like to congratulate Magenta Living for winning the raffle & we look forward to working with you over the coming months.

If you would like further information then please contact the ReACT team on 0121 384 2513 or email us on