What can ReACT do to help you?

What can ReACT do to help? – Chris Powell continues with his recent articles on multiple systems.

So, my last couple of articles have been exploring the difficulties faced by users on a daily basis, including myself, when we have to work with computer systems for various elements of our job. Well, even though we have some interesting solutions that we employ here in the ReACT office for my daily job, I can only really talk about the solutions that are available to you from ReACT.

We have what I believe to be the single best Antisocial Behaviour case management software available and we continually improving the software with each iteration, but there are limits that we face when we stand in front of some customers where their “powers that be” say how they have to have “system X” for a specific element of the business, but they, the end user, want ReACT to do all of their ASB case management – so what can we do? Well, the answer is we can offer our “Web Services”

I briefly explained what the service is in my previous articles so chase them down if you like. Our Web Services and suite of methods allows for great integration between “system X” and your ReACT system. Let me put a couple of ideas out there. Our very own ReACT Mobile product consumes our Web Services (and with more magic!) to offer a solution for ASB practitioners when they take advantage of mobile when working in the field. What about if you wanted to integrate your CRM or main Housing Management System with ReACT so, for example, you wanted an overview of a Case Note or Case Stage to be available against a tenant record then Web Services could fill that gap. A trend with some user organisations are customer or tenant facing portals where an individual can log on securely and view their personal details, rent account, outstanding repairs etc. How about adding their ASB complaints to the list?

Included in our Web Service methods is the ability to add, edit and remove Case Stages and Case Notes. Attachments can be uploaded and downloaded via our service. Adding of Individuals, Pending Notes and Agencies are also some of the aspects of the full ReACT system that can be hooked in to name just a few.

There are lots of possibilities with ReACT Web Services, all it needs is that initial question to be asked of how one system can talk to another. So, the challenge to you is to come up with one and to contact us at react@react-asb.co.uk so we can come up with the perfect answer!
Alternatively, contact your Account Manager who will be happy to talk to you about some of the exciting work we have been involved in with our Web Services.

Until next time….