Police guidance on mental health out for consultation…

The College of Policing has published new draft national guidance clarifying the police’s role in dealing with incidents involving people in mental health crisis which will be relevant where there are suggestions of antisocial behaviour.

The draft Authorised Professional Practice (APP) is now open for consultation and sets out guidance for police officers and staff when investigating an offence or assisting people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and difficulties and other vulnerabilities.

The draft guidance is designed to:

  • support officers in making decisions in the best interests of the individual
  • provide guidance on de-escalation techniques to help minimise the use of restraint
  • break down all relevant legislation (including Mental Health Act 1983 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005)
  • provide information on identifying mental vulnerability
  • outline what is known about the most effective and considerate ways of communicating with vulnerable people, recognising their individual needs and providing an appropriate police response
  • provide advice on multi-agency information sharing and working arrangements
  • clearly set out the scope and nature of police involvement when assisting healthcare and social services

The consultation is open until 1 January 2016 and more information can be found here