Additional ReACT products

There are a number of additional products available within the suite of ReACT software. Did you know they were available or even what they can do?

Rapid Case Entry allows ASB practitioners to create a new case using one easy entry form located on the Advance Search tab in ReACT. Simply find the tenant involved, click the entry and it provides not only an easy route for Case entry but also allows cases to be dealt with and closed at one entry point. Rapid Case Entry is now a standard feature in ReACT 4.6.

ReMOTE is a web based questionnaire that can be completed by either a tenant or a Customer Services Team member, which, after being submitted sends a pending note within ReACT which can be opened as a new case or filed against an existing case.

Outlook plug-in allows case officers to file emails directly into ReACT without the need for cutting and pasting and also to open a new case with the aid of Rapid Case Entry thus creating a seamless integration between Outlook and ReACT. Another very useful feature is synchronisation of appointments from within ReACT directly into the Outlook Calendar.

ReVIEW is an additional reporting tool that provides a larger suite of reports over and above the standard set included in the system. All that is required are the specific elements needed for the report to be dragged and dropped into a table, ReVIEW searches ReACT and pulls out the information requested. These reports can be saved for future use if required.

Single sign-on as the name implies allows users to bypass the need to use, and remember, a ReACT Username and Password. Instead, using the User’s normal Windows account, an icon on the desktop can automate logging in to the ReACT system.

ReACT Housing Management System Integration provides a direct link between an existing housing management/CRM system and ReACT. This can be used to show the case involvement of individuals from within a third party system, and to open the cases for immediate further viewing.

If you would like more information about any of these products, please contact Account Manager Nicola Tomlinson today on 0121 384 2513 (option 4) or email on