Is ASB policy fundamentally flawed?…

In her article Dr Heap says that protecting anti-social behaviour victims was a priority for the Coalition. As part of this agenda, call handling and case management trials were introduced for police so that vulnerable and repeat victims could be quickly identified and protected. She writes that the implementation of the process is not mandatory for police forces while the government keeps no record of how widely it is being used. What complicates matters further is the lack of clarity surrounding the point at which anti-social behaviour becomes a hate crime, and so victims could fall through gaps in the system. The result? A postcode lottery for those in need of protection.

Vicky Heap is Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Sheffield Hallam University.

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ReACT has been used by social housing landlords to record and case manage complaints of ASB since 2002. The latest version of ReACT is used by Dyfed-Powys Police, geographically the largest police force in England and Wales.