Police seize over 5,000 dangerous dogs.


  • A total of 4,757 banned breeds were seized by police over the last three years.
  • The Met seized the most dogs in England and Wales putting down 300 illegal animals so far this year.
  • Four breeds are banned in the UK – pitbull terrier, Japanese Tosa, Argentinian mastiff and Brazilian mastiff and ownership of these dogs is banned unless an exemption is granted by a court.

The RSPCA wants the Dangerous Dogs Act to be changed so dogs are banned on the basis of behaviour not breed. It says that the assessment process for banned breeds is hugely problematic being based on appearance not genetic heritage and it does mean that any dog regardless of its heritage can be classed as a pitbull terrier if its appearance is similar enough although there is no robust evidence which shows pitbull terriers are any more likely to show aggression than any other breed of dog.

However, government says the ban on certain breeds is “crucial” as any dog can become dangerous with bad owners. West Yorkshire Police has criticised the law, saying it is not fair or clear and there’s an expectation that police officers will be expert at identify dog genetics and we don’t think they are.

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Note: The ReACT ASB Case Management System will record and manage complaints about dangerous dogs, the action taken against dog owners and the support offered to victims.

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