Hate Crime Action Plan 2016 – 20

According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales, there were an estimated 222,000 hate crimes on average each year from 2012/13 to 2014/15. Hate crime victims are more likely to suffer repeat victimisation, more likely to suffer serious psychological impacts as a result, and less likely than the victims of other crime to be satisfied with the police response.

Two key themes underpin the Action Plan: working in partnership with communities and joining up work across the hate crime strands to ensure that best practice in tackling hate crime is understood and drawn upon.

The Action Plan focusses on five key areas to tackle hate crime:

  1. Preventing hate crime by challenging the beliefs and attitudes that can underlie such crimes
  2. Responding to hate crime in communities with the aim of reducing the number of hate crime incidents.
  3. Increasing the reporting of hate crime, through improving the reporting process
  4. Improving support for the victims of hate crime through continuing to improve the use of Victim Personal Statements.
  5. Building the understanding of hate crime through improved data

More information is available here:

For England

For Wales

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