Is the Troubled Families Programme in trouble?

The NIESR’s analysis, published on 17th October, forms part of a wider evaluation of the Troubled Families Programme, commissioned by the Department of Communities and Local Government. The key finding is that across a wide range of outcomes, covering the key objectives of the Troubled Families Programme – employment, benefit receipt, school attendance, safeguarding and child welfare – they were unable to find consistent evidence that the programme had any significant or systematic impact. The vast majority of impact estimates were statistically insignificant, with a very small number of positive or negative results. These results are consistent with those found by the separate and independent impact analysis using survey data, also published today, which also found no significant or systemic impact on outcomes related to employment, job seeking, school attendance, or anti-social behaviour.

The analysis covers the first phase of the Troubled Families Programme, which was launched in April 2012 with the objective of “turning around” the lives of 120,000 of the most “troubled families” in England, with a budget of £448 million.

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