Effective use of Companies in ReACT

Among the latest features in ReACT 4.6 is the ability to filter cases by company designed to enable multi companies to be set up with the ability for each company to be configured with its own work flow. Each workflow is configured in the administration tab and can have as many or as little actions stages as required. This feature gives all users instant visibility on their separate caseloads, without the need to exit or use a different system.

However, having now completed a considerable number of ReACT 4.6 upgrades, it has been found that many customers are using the companies filter for more than originally intended as it is also used for additional case types such as Domestic Violence, Safeguarding and some types of estate management. So how could you use yours to better effect? Maybe for Gas Inspections, tenancy fraud or hoarding! Knowing that the work flow is tailored to an organisations policies and procedures, it is possible to use the companies section to successfully monitor more tasks without the need to leave ReACT.

ReACT benefits from innovative ideas often initially introduced by its many users and the Team will always pass on suggestions to further improve the software for the benefit of both existing and potential customers.

If you would like more information about ReACT 4.6 please contact Nicola Tomlinson on 0121 384 2513 or email on Nicola.tomlinson@react-asb.co.uk.