Noise App Integration

Since the beginning of the year ReACT Managing Director Jason Tullah and Technical Specialist Chris Powell have been working behind the scenes with The Noise App to establish a seamless connection between the two systems.

At this year’s Resolve ASB annual conference, the integration was officially launched and both companies were giving real time demos of how it all works.

So how does it work? This seamless process allows ReACT users to select the noise recording from within the Noise App without the need for downloading the recording only to then reload into ReACT. Users simply select the noise recording for the relevant case to link to and this transfers it directly into ReACT as a pending note.


From the pending note tab within ReACT users are be able to not only allocate the recording straight into the relevant case but also listen to the recording through ReACT.

The Team continually strive to improve ReACT for the benefit of its users and potential customers.

If you would like more information about The Noise app integration or a demo please contact Nicola Tomlinson on 0121 384 2513 or email to