Victims Commissioner says Restorative Justice helps offenders.

Publishing her follow-up review, looking at the quality of restorative justice (RJ) services from the victims’ perspective, the Victims’ Commissioner found that the reason many victims participated in RJ was to help the offender and aide their rehabilitation. Baroness Newlove, also discovered that victims, while taking part to assist their own recovery, also wanted to find out why they had been targeted by the offender.

The review also revealed that the proportion of victims offered the opportunity to participate in RJ has fallen significantly despite the government allocating £23m in funding for RJ services between April 2013 and March 2016. Statistics from the Crime Survey for England and Wales 2015-16 revealed that only 4.2 per cent of all victims of crime were offered the opportunity to meet with their offender. This is significantly lower than in 2014-15, and is the lowest proportion of victims offered RJ since 2010.

The review found that:

  • many victims were not initially aware of RJ and were reliant on criminal justice agencies to inform them about it;
  • almost half of victims were only offered RJ once the offender had been sentenced; and,
  • some victims felt that more could be done to ensure their emotional needs were being met throughout the RJ process.

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