Effective use of pending notes within ReACT

What is a pending note:

A pending note, is a note that can be added into the core ReACT system using a number of applications to accomplish this. With the use of these applications this means that anyone within the business, a tenant or an officer can add a note into the system without the need for full case entry. When a note is generated it appears within a pot in ReACT and a notification is sent to an officer to advise them the note is there. The functionality surrounding Pending notes will allow officers to decide how they process that note.

How can you create a note?

There are a number of ways that pending notes can be created. Either using our online form ReMOTE which is useful for tenants and customers service teams reporting ASB, ReACT Mobile, The Noise app or simply straight through the ReACT core system.

How can they be processed? There are a number ways that an officer can process a note, they can either archive a note, create a new case, attach it to an existing case or process it through using our pre-case workflow.

What is Pre-case workflow? Pre-case workflow is a process within ReACT that can give officers an option to complete a pre-case questionnaire, once the questionnaire is complete the incident is scored based on the answers to determine whether it is ASB or not. For example: you have a tenant calling regarding their neighbour who is drilling. It is a one-off incident so potentially at this point wouldn’t be ASB, but if you received a number of pending notes relating to the same incident you can recall all related archived notes and process those through to a case.

ReACT benefits from innovative ideas often initially introduced by its many users and the Team will always pass on suggestions to further improve the software for the benefit of both existing and potential customers.

If you would like more information about pending notes and how you can use it within your business then please contact Nicola Tomlinson on 0121 384 2513 or email for a demo on nicola.tomlinson@e-b-s.co.uk