Highlights from the 14th annual ReACT User Group

On October 11th we proudly held our 14th annual ReACT User Group (RUG) in Birmingham and it was a great pleasure to meet and talk to so many ReACT end-users about the challenges that they face managing antisocial behaviour across the UK.

The success and popularity of ReACT for case managing anti-social behaviour is a result of us truly listening to our clients to directly drive product improvement. Whilst other solution providers often state they do the same, this is rarely actually true.

The user group’s longevity is further evidence of our ability to listen to our users and respond to them by delivering the tools they need; very much like the formula we apply to our software.

This year, we again achieved a fantastic turnout with demand outstripping the available places, the audience being a mixture of prospects, new faces and RUG veterans who are always eager to see the future of case management.

This year’s sessions covered a variety of topics including the hottest of the moment; the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its effect on ASB case data. It has become evident in recent months that there is much confusion and concern amongst ASB professionals regarding the effects on their case data. The user group was a great platform to discuss GDPR, and our team outlined the tools that will be available before the May 2018 deadline. ReACT users will be empowered to take control of their data removal responsibilities by applying their own organisations policies and ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Our Pending Notes session introduced delegates to our unique incident note capture and processing workflow and went further by demonstrating the powerful Pre-Case Assessment functionality. Pre-Case Assessment allows users to scrutinise incoming incidents via a configurable assessment tool which assists in deciding whether an incident is truly ASB or if it requires archiving with no further action.

ReACT also introduced a new Tenant Portal; a joint collaboration between ReACT and Your Homes Newcastle. The portal allows tenants to report and track their own ASB incidents, with direct and seamless integration into ReACT. Officers can review and manage the cases with ease, and communicate feedback on the progress directly to the tenants via the portal. Using the portal will reduce the time officers spend updating tenants on the status and progress of cases, streamline communication and greatly improve a tenants’ perception and satisfaction of your ASB services.

The interactive product feedback session which involved users sharing their views on the current version of ReACT using a Top Gear style ‘Cool Wall’ was a huge success and the audience was then treated to a preview of the amazing new version of ReACT; R5.

R5 has a stunning new interface, user defined KPI’s, dashboards and case insights that provide case officers with instant and vital information about their workload. With integrated intelligence R5 can identify potential issues with both cases and individuals, assisting officers in making informed decisions with assured speed and accuracy.

With R5, we have applied 15 years of knowledge, experience and user collaboration, taking the UK’s market-leading solution to another level.


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