Introduction to Data Toolkit

The Data Toolkit ensures GDPR compliancy for every ReACT system. It means that all of your requests for Data Deletion, Individual Anonymisation and Case Data Retention can be dealt with in a quick and simple fashion. The Toolkit also offers additional functionality to the User to compliment their ReACT system such as Subject Access Requests, Log Readers and House-keeping functions.

Key features & benefits

  • Ensure your ReACT system is GDPR Compliant
  • Individual Anonymisation / Deletion
  • Data De-duplication Routines
  • Case Data Retention
  • Subject Access Requests
  • Regional Remapping
  • Aborted Case Removal
  • Many other features…

Product Overview

ReACT have developed the Data Toolkit to sit alongside the core ReACT system to ensure GDPR compliancy but also to offer additional features and benefits to the Users. All of this can be controlled as to who has access within an organisation and to what extent they can affect the Data in ReACT.

The Data Toolkit has been designed to give full control and ownership of data to the Customer, delivered in a single solution that is very simple to use.

Some of the standard features for GDPR compliancy include “Individual Anonymisation”, “Data Deletion” and “Case Data Retention”. The Data Toolkit goes further than this by also offering full “Subject Access Request” functionality and also the ability to de-duplicate any data that has been recorded over the years of ReACT usage – therefore giving an accurate picture of a Customer’s data.