On this page you will find our useful links to download files for additional features in your ReACT system. If you have spoken to a member of our Team, we will guide you as to which link to use below. There are some useful links to take you to our documentation and tutorial videos too, so take a look!

 Did you know you can also find us on YouTube? “ReACT Case Management”

The link on the right will allow you to download the ReACT Data Toolkit. Please contact ReACT Support to discuss the deployment of these files.

If you use Microsoft Outlook, did you know you can try out the ReACT Outlook Plugin? This will allow your Team to file emails directly into Cases, including Attachments. You can also sync your Outlook Calendar with your upcoming Action Stages on cases you are working on. Give it a try…

With ‘Single Sign-on’ your User can double-click a shortcut on their desktop, and ReACT will open up and log them in under the Windows Account linked to their ReACT profile. This by-passes the need to enter a separate ReACT Username and Password each time you want to log in.

Download these supporting files to compliment the Single Sign-on feature listed above. Contact ReACT Support to learn more about deploying these files correctly.