Community Safety Case Management

Originally designed and developed in conjunction with The Community Housing Group, ReACT began as a dedicated software solution for anti-social behaviour. Over the past decade the ReACT product suite has become the UK’s leading solution for managing anti-social behaviour, specifically within the social housing industry.

Take a look at the components which make up our leading ASB case management solution

Frequently, a case may deviate from the standard procedures for a reason such as an anonymous complaint, incident escalation or escalation severity. ReACT will manage all of these situations and eventualities where for this individual case the standard protocol is not sufficient.

ReACT is the most comprehensive and powerful ASB case management solution available. It is also the most simple to set up, implement and use, thanks to its comprehensive and intuitive configuration and administration menus.

With in-excess of a hundred successful ReACT implementations throughout the UK and Ireland, we have worked closely with our clients and partners to gather together a wealth of information on Anti-Social Behaviour best practice and solution implementation.

ReACT boasts a dedicated and experienced help desk staffed with qualified professionals. The continuous care our support agreement offers will complement and enhance your ReACT software experience. The agreement includes help, advice and support by telephone, email and remote connection.

In addition to case management, ReACT is also offers a suite of powerful standard reports that provide the user with easy access to information, insight and KPI’s for all levels within the organisation.

The ReACT solution available today is the result of 12 years of evolution, built upon our experiences working with in excess of 100 Social Housing organisations including RSLs and Local Authorities.

ReACT is the ‘Best of Breed’ anti-social behaviour solution that your ASB team needs, wants and deserves. However, the argument inevitably surfaces within an organisation regarding a single joined up solution, accessible by everyone.


ReACT is a flexible web-browser based solution, offering both an on premise version or alternatively a hosted cloud version.