Introduction to Configuration

ReACT is the most comprehensive and powerful ASB case management solution available. It is also the most simple to set up, implement and use, thanks to its comprehensive and intuitive configuration and administration menus.

ReACT can be set up and administered by non-technical staff. It is designed to be managed when required, by end-users, through the comprehensive use of bespoke user rights. Access to ReACT’s functionality is defined by permissions at either User Group or Individual User level with very little assistance from technical and IT teams.

Key features & benefits

  • User rights control a user’s ability to view, edit or create cases, notes and actions.
  • Simple creation of your Companies Risk Assessments and Satisfaction Form templates
  • Creation of standard correspondence templates in a familiar Microsoft Word environment including control over where the templates are accessible.
  • Control of system global Settings including; custom Fields, field labels, matrix contents and layouts, mandatory fields, exporting options and workflow.


  • Define and administer ‘Action Stage’ workflows featuring triggered actions and relationships with Companies, NSIR Case Definitions and Case Types.
  • Control user-allocation to cases – Options to bulk or individually reallocate cases to other or new case officers.
  • Apply system wide settings for password constraints, reports access and email notifications.
  • Virtually all functionality built into ReACT can be customised to specific and individual company requirements.

Configuration Overview

ReACT’s core functionality is defined by user choice, and by answering a simple but comprehensive menu of questions ReACT will mirror the procedures and processes of your business.

Implementation of a ReACT project is performed by one of our experienced ASB practitioners, and all of our team are experienced and knowledgeable in both ASB and ReACT, and will dedicate time to guiding your team through every element of the project.

Implementation begins with an introduction to our ‘Safer Life Programme™’, which introduces and shares cross-industry anti-social behaviour case management best practice, policy and procedure which has been gained from implementation and discussion with 100′s of RSL’s, local authorities and councils.

Implementing ReACT is a perfect time to ensure your ASB policies and procedures are reviewed in accordance with the business objectives, and are fit for purpose.