The question of best-of-breed solutions vs one integrated platform is one of the oldest and most important questions that IT decision makers need to consider.

Single best-of-breed solutions are often the best fit, delivering exactly what the business needs and really wants but are often viewed as single function tools. They offer you the exact functionality you need for that specific requirement but they are frequently viewed and much-maligned by IT teams as yet another tool to implement, maintain and integrate.

However, often nothing is further from the truth…. Each and every one of our customers use ReACT in conjunction with their core Housing Management and/or CRM systems.

Integration is achieved by one of several available options which are simple and straightforward to implement.

ReACT can integrate to any Housing Management application, any CRM solution along with Tenant Portals, Apps, and Corporate Websites. We have even integrated ReACT into territorial police force systems responsible for policing large area of the UK.

Key features & benefits

    • View ReACT contact history from within your existing Housing Management or CRM solution.
    • Integration will ensure ReACT contact information is in sync with your existing core business applications.


  • 2-way update. Update ReACT and also have ReACT updated; directly from your existing systems, apps, website, or any other external source that may be in use.
  • Feed into and out of your key partners systems ensuring information is shared seamlessly for a joined-up approach.

Integration Overview

ReACT has a number of simple, comprehensive and effective solutions to the challenge of integration;

Tenancy Data Bridge – A scheduled routine of synchronisation of tenant information between ReACT and your underlying systems. This includes over 50 fields of information from forename and surname to correspondence addresses, strands of diversity and custom fields of your definition.

Housing Management/CRM Interface – A solution providing a portal from your Housing Management Solution or CRM system through to an individual’s ASB Profile within ReACT. Mirror permissions from ReACT for security access and provide key functionality for Note and Case creation seamlessly.

ReACT API – ReACT is based on a suite of web services and is designed specifically to enable integration between solutions. A common use of our API’s is for the creation of ‘Pending Notes’ within ReACT which then alert the authorised ASB specialist in charge of the case.

Microsoft Office Integration – The Outlook plug-in allows users to access ReACT functionality from within the Microsoft Outlook application. The plug-in will automatically create appointments in calendars for key action target dates and allows users to update and complete them using ReACT’s familiar interface all from within Outlook’s own browser. It enables users to quickly and easily file emails and attachments against ReACT cases and even provides functionality to log a new case.