ReACT Core Solution

ReACT provide a comprehensive range of products specifically tailored to complement our core service.  These are detailed at length via our Products and Services menu above. Below are some of our most popular additional products.

RaPID Case Entry (RCE)

An enhanced service for ReACT, ‘Rapid Case Entry’ provides a single streamlined form for the logging of ASB Cases. REC is most useful for logging and closing Cases in a single entry and expanding services across the organisation beyond the direct ASB Team. 

RCE is triggered via the ReACT Advanced Search. Once a person has been identified or a new person created, the user can then submit a Rapid Case. The Rapid Case Entry takes the fundamentals of a Case and amalgamates them into one single 60 second entry form. Designed with users in mind, there are plenty of dropdown lists and auto-assigning individuals which contribute to a swift entry process. You can configure separate business workflows for RCE allowing the potential creation and closure of a Case in one move. There are many similarities between RCE and full case entry including notifications and assignment of cases, however access to Satisfaction and Audit information is restricted.

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Key features & benefits

  • Expand your service to a potential 24/7 offering.
  • Automate case creation.
  • Intelligently match submitted names with existing and known individuals.
  • Email notifications for the reporter and key staff.
  • Customise your responses to the reporter

ReACT Outlook Plug-in

The Outlook plug-in will create appointments in your Calendar and allow you to file emails and attachments seamlessly into ReACT. The Outlook plug-in can allow you to expand your ASB service easily across your organisation with very little training required.

The Outlook plug-in sits within the Outlook client on your PC and proves the functionality to initiate ReACT within the application; there is no need for a separate browser. The plug-in’s functionality allows an email to be assigned as a note on a case and users are able to synchronise their appointments driven from stage target dates into personal calendars and additionally create a full Case via a single form entry.

The Outlook plugin is available for ReACT 4+ and has no user license restrictions.

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Key features & benefits

  • Create Rapid Entry Cases.
  • File e-mails against existing cases.
  • Create appointments for cases.
  • Launch ReACT from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Unlimited licenses included.


ReMOTE is a customer portal designed to integrate with ReACT by expanding internal/external service and availability. Designed for integration within a corporate website or for expanding your service across your organisation.

The ReMOTE portal allows customers or users to submit basic case information for either a new or an existing cases into an online form.  Complaint validation is required before submission is permitted. The user receives an email confirming the submission and are then issued with a unique reference for their records. Once a form entry has been submitted, users or groups are alerted to the entry. The record is logged into ReACT and resides in a ‘Pending’ state against an existing or new Case, awaiting confirmation from an authorised ReACT user. Validated against existing records, if the individual is found ReACT will intelligently recommend who this person may be – preventing duplicates, retaining a history and cleansing the database.

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Key features & benefits

  • Expand your service 24/7
  • Automate case creation
  • Intelligently match submitted names with existing individuals.
  • Email notifications for the reporter and key staff
  • Customise your responses to the reporter


ReVIEW empowers a non-technical user with the creation of regular and adhoc reports from ReACT data within seconds. They key feature of ReView is its non technical simplicity which is provided by the intuitive user interface.

ReVIEW is deployed with a set of simple data cubes designed by users specifically for ReACT. Selecting the desired data cube reveals previously saved data views which allow the user to easily select old queries and refresh them with current data or even new parameters/filters. A User can create unlimited views of their data by simply dragging and dropping fields, allowing ReVIEW to act as a powerful analysis tool for drilling down and around data. All views automatically generate a graphical report and the data can be exported into a variety of formats, including print and email.

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Key features & benefits

  • Create your own views with simple drag-and-drop functionality based on standard ReACT Cubes
  • Establish links to third party databases
  • Export your views to multiple outputs
  • Display your figures graphically
  • Save and store your Views for regular reporting


ReCALL dispenses with the need to interrogate multiple systems for related and connected data. The solution is designed to add value to an organisation by providing an improved and more efficient service to tenants and customers.

Customer service centres and front line staff are able to proactively tackle potential issues before they arise and ensure that all related systems are updated and unified in one action using a user-friendly and personalised web based solution. ReCALL is currently in use with within several housing associations and is integrating and unifying multiple back office systems into one single touch-point.

ReCALL was developed in conjunction with a housing association in 2012, and its remit was to provide a central library/portal for everyone within the business to query and view information drawn from a variety of sources including customers, properties and communities.

The solution also needed to deliver a series of core business functions focussed around customer service. ReCALL has now become a business critical application.

Based upon the Microsoft SharePoint platform, with a SQL Server database indexer and SSRS for reporting, the application currently interfaces with Capita’s Academy Housing Management software, our own ReACT and ReSOLVE solutions, HETs CareManager software and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

A key feature of the solution’s design is the ability to easily interface with any other available software applications, either replacing or building upon the existing business connectors.

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Key features & benefits

  • Collate core information from key back office solutions in to one central solution.
  • Ultra-efficient ‘Google’ type search engine.
  • Remove duplication & cleanse back office databases.
  • User defined Dashboards.
  • Core business functions to improve the customer service experience.


Resolve is the sister product to our market leading ReACT product.

ReSOLVE is an established and proven software solution for recording, managing and reporting General Complaints within multiple industries, including social housing and also within the private Sector. ReSOLVE empowers organisations to share information and work jointly together with multiple agencies to ensure resources are focused and efficient.

ReSOLVE is currently in use within some of the largest housing associations in the UK, with many having integrated solutions with their core back-office Housing Management Systems.

At the core of ReSOLVE are cases, which can be attributed with multiple case types, complainants and agencies. A case will accrue case costs during its lifespan, with the user assigning case costs such as time, internal costs and external costs, such as legal costs.

Case managers can be alerted to actions within the user configured workflows which can be triggered according to case type level.

Additionally, reminder and overdue notifications can also be configured according to organizational business processes, and can including satisfaction metrics.

Users are also able to generate standard correspondence, email notes and attach digital media to cases as ReSOLVE acts as a central repository for everything that is complaint orientated.

ReSOLVE has been used to great success in instances where complaints have to be legally progressed.

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Key features & benefits

  • Flexible Case Management embracing your business workflows for managing General Complaints
  • Detailed reporting – generate KPI information easily and quickly
  • Fully audited with password protection
  • Import Tenancy Information & third party integration
  • Browser based application with hosting available