Introduction to Reporting

In addition to case management, ReACT is also offers a suite of powerful standard reports that provide the user with easy access to information, insight and KPI’s for all levels within the organisation. The data collected and collated covers such areas as Individuals, Cases, Incidents, Costs, Satisfaction, Risk, Powers & Tools of the ASB Crime & Policing Act and Diversity.

Key features & benefits

  • Full Chronological Case Print to provide a one button click for Court Cases, Ombudsman enquiries and Freedom of Information requests.
  • Satisfaction Evaluation Reporting.
  • Diversity Reporting.
  • Risk Assessment Overview Report.


  • HouseMark ASB Benchmarking Mini Module
  • Performance Reports by category breakdown, key action targets met / overdue, and officer case loads
  • Orders Report to ensure that NSP’s, and Injunctions are renewed before expiry.

Product Overview

Each report is a dynamic and live snapshot of the data held in ReACT, allowing users to drill down into each report to understand and qualify the make-up of the figures. Extensive use of filters presents users with the functionality to parameterise the data by Company, Region, Area, Sub-Area, Secondary Sub-Area, Case Type, Officer and Status amongst many others.

All reports can be output to Excel, Word and PDF which enables users to further manipulate and utilise the data for further analysis.

The reporting capabilities within ReACT are the result of an extensive collaboration with our client base; providing users with the statistical information they require when they require it.