Introduction to the Safer Life Programme ™

With in-excess of a hundred successful ReACT implementations throughout the UK and Ireland, we have worked closely with our clients and partners to gather together a wealth of information on Anti-Social Behaviour best practice and solution implementation. This information forms the basis of our unique ‘Safer Life Programme ™‘, which is adopted for each of our ReACT implementations. 

Key features & benefits

  • A team of experienced professionals who can talk your team’s language, and understand your needs and business requirements.
  • A company who can call upon experiences from other projects and advise ways in which you may improve your processes and ultimately your services.
  • Go Live will ensure you have a solution that is tailored to your business, one which your operators can quickly adopt, saving time, money and provide an immediate impact to your business.

  • Our sales team have a housing background and will take the time to understand your requirements.
  • A dedicated and experienced project manager, who will take the time to understand your organisation and its policies and procedures.
  • We can also have a team of industry experts that can deliver training in restorative justice, dealing with pets and animal nuisance, the court process, managing noise nuisance to mention but a few.

Product Overview

We have many years’ experience in ASB case management solutions. We are not just an I.T. solution provider; we understand and appreciate the challenges of Anti-Social Behaviour and can advise on the recording, case management and reporting; regardless of the back office solution.

Through our partnerships with Resolve ASB, HouseMark and an active user group we ensure that our solutions remain at the forefront of legislative compliance.

By working with ReACT, you will improve the public’s perception of your organisation and your tenants will have complete confidence that Anti-Social Behaviour is effectively managed and resolved.

The Safer Life Programme is our proven methodology for the implementation of a successful ReACT solution. Once ReACT is purchased, as part of the implementation our project managers will introduce your team to the programme.

At the core of the Safer Life Programme is our ASB Best Practice Workshop (BPW) days and discussion groups, which provide in-depth and comprehensive round table discussions on your current and future ASB policies and procedures.

The information and practices discussed are drawn from those gathered from our clients and our partner organisations; Resolve ASB and HouseMark.

Following the BPW days, the process then continues through a test site ReACT configuration, end-user and administration training, with continual consultancy and assistance throughout the technical implementation, integration and data population.

At the conclusion of the programme, your organisation will have a fully operational ReACT solution designed and configured exactly as initially defined and delivering the benefits. All of ReACT’s features and rich functionality tool set will be tried, tested and embraced by your team.

Our approach will ensure that on ‘go live’, users are confident with the system and are empowered to manage their own case load more effectively and the management team have realised time and cost savings to the organisation.

Improved reporting, KPI’s and business intelligence will complete the programme and ensure the project deliverables meet and exceed expectations.