Introduction to ReACT Outlook plug-in

The Outlook plug-in allows users to access ReACT functionality from within the Microsoft Outlook application. The plug-in will automatically create appointments in calendars for key action target dates and allows users to update and complete them using ReACT’s familiar interface all from within Outlook’s own browser. It enables users to quickly and easily file emails and attachments against ReACT cases and even provides functionality to log a new case.

Key features & benefits

  • Create new cases via Rapid Case Entry.
  • Quickly and easily file emails and their attachments against ReACT Cases.
  • Create appointments for key action target dates.


  • Reminders when key actions are due for completion.
  • Update and Complete Key Actions.
  • Unlimited licenses – subscription pricing based on ReACT product licenses.

Product Overview

The Outlook plug-in sits within the Outlook toolbar. Functionality allows an email and any file attachments to be assigned as a note on a Case based on the Case ID number or a simple name based search. Users can synchronise Key Action Target dates as appointments in their Outlook Calendars and these ReACT Actions are then accessible to be updated and completed from within Outlooks own Browser.

The Outlook plugin has no license restrictions and is available as an annual subscription.