Introduction to the Rapid Case Entry Module

Rapid Case Entry is quick entry module for logging new ASB Cases. Rapid Case Entry is available for both ReACT and ReSOLVE, and allows users to log ASB Complaints or General Complaints in a single streamlined form entry. The functionality also allows Cases and/or Complaints to be dealt with and closed at point of entry.

 Key features & benefits

  • Capture the key information to create an ASB or Complaint case quickly and easily.
  • Automate key actions such as case or complaint acknowledgements.
  • Intelligently match submitted names with existing individuals.


  • Email notifications for the reporter and key staff.
  • Customise your responses to the reporter.
  • Very little training required.

Product Overview

Rapid Case Entry is triggered via the Advanced Search within ReACT and ReSOLVE. Once a person has been identified or a new person created, the user can then submit a Rapid Case. The Rapid Case Entry captures the key information to create and ASB or Complaint case by entering the information into one single 60 second entry form. Designed with users in mind, plenty of dropdown lists and auto-assigning individuals contribute to a swift entry process. You can configure separate business workflows for RCE therefore facilitating the potential creation and closure of a Case in one move. There are a lot of similarities between RCE and full Case Entry including notifications and assignment of Cases..

RCE has no further technical requirements other than the need for ReACT or ReSOLVE and follows the same licensing rules already in place with these products.