Introduction to ReACT Mobile

ReACT Mobile minimises the need for paper based notes and reduces double data entry when an Officer needs to go out of the office whilst armed with the latest information on their ReACT cases. Designed for touch on the latest mobile devices and designed to be intuitive for the user, ReACT Mobile will work anywhere. Officers without internet access on the road are able to check cases out in advance, work wherever they are, then check the cases back in, all seamlessly on the device.

Key features & benefits

  • Supports offline working
  • Simple and intuitive user interface – designed for touch
  • Improve productivity outside of the office
  • Secure, encrypted data


  • ReACT Today case overview and filtering, including a case search
  • View a Case – Recent Activity, Contacts, Case Types, Action Stages and Case Notes
  • Add notes to existing cases
  • Create pending notes for a new case

Product Overview

ReACT Mobile, designed for your mobile device, links directly with your ReACT system back in the office. Officers can use their standard ReACT credentials to log in to their mobile device and start accessing their ReACT case data. The officer can view a case summary, an overview of all the individuals involved on the case, all case stages and case notes are available to read as well. ReACT Mobile will also allow the Officer to add a note directly to the case – useful for when working on a case outside of the office environment or on site with a tenant.

For Officers that need to record new ASB or notes on existing ASB cases, our pending notes are available on the device as well. Create the pending note on ReACT Mobile, then wait to get back to the office where the note will be waiting for you, to work on fully. All of this functionality is available on and offline, so no matter where they are, any Officer can record notes on the device. As soon as the device detects network access, they are seamlessly transferred to the core ReACT system.

Security is key, ReACT Mobile will encrypt all local data on the device, so only authorised users can read the information, this will even allow for multiple users on a single device, and the data is still protected.

The benefits of mobile working are well documented, and providing an efficient solution ensures an increase in productivity and will improve public perception of how ASB is managed.

In addition to the benefits of a mobile version of ReACT, this solution has the capacity to be used across the entire organisation, and when integrated into a Housing Management system it enables mobile working opportunities to be extended to other areas of the business providing a real joined up approach to Housing Management.

Like all of our solutions, the ReACT Mobile platform has been designed in conjunction with existing ReACT clients and through comprehensive user feedback.