Introduction to ReCALL

ReCALL acts as one system that will link to all of your back-office systems for you. It means you do not need to keep accessing multiple dedicated programs, instead you can carry out all your tasks through one ReCALL environment. This means that busy team members can focus on the task at hand, rather than spending time switching between systems.

Key features & benefits

  • Collate core information from key back office solutions in to one central solution.
  • Efficient ‘Google’ type search engine.
  • Remove duplication & cleanse back office databases.


  • User defined Dashboards.
  • Core business functions are included.
  • Improve your customer service experience.


Product Overview

EBS developed ReCALL in conjunction with a Housing Association in 2012 with the remit to provide a central library/portal for everyone in the business to query and view information on Customers, Properties and Communities. Including a series of core business functions focused around customer service, ReCALL is now a business critical application.

The application will read from multiple sources and ReCALL does not replace your existing systems, it integrates and streamlines them in a user friendly, ultra-efficient manner. Users are presented with your defined dashboards and a ‘google’ type search for querying Customer, Property and Community – with performance at the forefront of the design ReCALL will query millions of records, rate according to relevance and categorise the results in fractions of a second. Users then select either a Customer, Property or Community to view a further custom dashboard with all key profile information sat behind, update the data and this writes back and cleanses data in all underlying systems. Collaborate data around Repairs, Rents, Complaints, ASB, Notes, Tenancies and Family Makeup. Core business processes include Complaint logging, Repair generation, Communication recording, Task assignment and Appointment creation. ReCALL compliments your existing solutions, joining your services together to deliver an improved customer service.