Introduction to ReMOTE

ReMOTE is a web form designed to integrate ReACT and ReSOLVE products with your corporate website. It expands the accessibility of your ASB service by allowing the external logging of incidents of ASB for your customers, ‘out of hours’ teams and any other external sources that need to access the service. ReMOTE will validate the submission from the user, confirm receipt and alert the required staff within your business. The information is then saved within ReACT as a virtual ‘post-it-note’ and will also be logged in the ReACT Audit Trail.

 Key features & benefits

  • Expands the accessibility of your ASB service
  • Ensures that externally submitted service requests have been dealt with every time
  • Intelligently match submitted names with existing individuals.


  • Email notifications for the reporter and key staff
  • Evidence correspondence within a comprehensive audit trail
  • Allows for ‘live’ logging of ‘Diary Sheets’.

Product Overview

ReMOTE allows customers/users to submit basic Case information for either new or existing Cases into an online form, the user validates their submission with a security key and submits the incident details. An email confirming receipt of their submission is sent along with a unique reference for their records. An email is also sent to you advising that a note has been logged by an external source and the information is logged into either ReACT or ReSOLVE and resides in a ‘Pending’ state awaiting confirmation from an authorised user of the software.

Quite how ReMOTE is implemented is up to you. Embed the functionality within your corporate website, send links through to users or use ReMOTE as an online form.