Introduction to ReSOLVE

ReSOLVE is an established and proven software solution for recording, managing and reporting General Complaints in multiple industries including Social Housing and the Private Sector. ReSOLVE facilitates organisations in the sharing of information and joint working with multi-agencies to target resources effectively and efficiently. ReSOLVE is in use with some of the largest Housing Associations in the UK and many clients have integrated solutions with core back office Housing Management Systems.

Key features & benefits

  • The recording of detailed information around General Complaints.
  • Flexible Case Management adopting your business workflows.
  • Detailed reporting – generate KPI information easily and quickly.


  • Import Tenancy Information & third party integration.
  • Browser based application with hosting available if required.
  • Hot spotting with Google Maps as standard.

Product Overview

ReSOLVE revolves around cases, with the option for multiple case types as a case commences at one stage and escalates. One case can have multiple complainants and Agencies and a case will accrue costs during its lifespan useful for recording time, internal costs and external legal costs for example. A case is assigned to a team of professionals to manage who are notified of actions within the workflows triggered according to the Case Type Level. Reminder and Overdue notifications can be configured according to your business processes, including Satisfaction. Users can also generate standard correspondence, email notes and attach digital media to cases as ReSOLVE acts as a central repository for everything Complaint orientated. ReSOLVE is proven to benefit the professional in the instance of legal progression.

ReSOLVE features a powerful and efficient searching function, integration with Google Maps, customisable functionality and the flexibility to adapt the configuration to ever changing requirements. To accompany ReSOLVE we have additional modules such as Rapid Case Entry, Single sign-on and ReVIEW. Other products within the ReSOLVE suite are ReMOTE, ReACT Mobile and ReCALL.

ReSOLVE is not restricted to an individual industry sector or size of business, the ReSOLVE product is extremely customisable, with single user environments through to enterprises licensing available.

ReSOLVE is developed using .Net technologies, SQL Server 2005/8/12 and Crystal Reports. The web application runs under Windows 2008 Server with IIS 7.0 as a preferred platform. ReSOLVE is licensed on a concurrent user basis. EBS offer ReSOLVE either as a Cloud solution (SaaS) or on-premise purchase. Contact Us for further information and to discuss your requirements.