Introduction to ReVIEW

Although ReACT has a full suite of standard reports there may be occasions where ReACT users require the ability to ‘slice and dice’ the data available to them. ReVIEW allows the end-user to create ‘adhoc’ reports as needed within seconds. Simplicity is the key; dragging and dropping the required fields into a pivot table view which can be updated and filtered as required instantly. ReVIEW is designed for the Manager, the analyst and the Reporter – the software boasts a very intuitive interface for all technical levels of expertise.

 Key features & benefits

  • Create your own reports with simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Designed for ‘non-technical’ members of staff and no knowledge of database structures is needed.
  • Supplied with standard data cubes for ReACT & ReSOLVE products.


  • Export data to Excel, Word, PDF.
  • Display your results as charts and graphs.
  • Save and store your reports structure for future use.
  • ReVIEW can also link to third party databases.

Product Overview

Out of the box ReVIEW ships with data cubes designed by users specifically for ReACT and ReSOLVE products. Selecting the desired Cube drills into previously saved reports, allowing the user to easily select old queries and refresh them with current data or new parameters. Users can create unlimited reports by simply dragging and dropping the required fields. ReVIEW acts as a powerful analysis tool for drilling into data. All reports can auto generate a graphical report and the user can export data to a variety of formats, including print and email.

ReVIEW empowering users with Case, Incident and Individual data from ReACT and ReSOLVE, a must for any manager.

ReVIEW is a traditional windows form based application, installed and licensed on a named user basis. ReVIEW is also available for customers on a cloud based software license.