Introduction to the Single Sign-on Module

A bolt on service available for both ReACT and ReSOLVE, Single-Sign on quite simply allows users to bypass the login for ReACT and ReSOLVE.

Key features & benefits

  • Seamless access to ReACT & ReSOLVE.
  • Automate logon ideal for integration.

Product Overview

Single Sign-on is an additional module available to existing ReACT and ReSOLVE customers. The configuration can be found within the System Administration and can be set to either enforce or run in parallel to standard logon. Enforcing Single Sign-on requires any domain user to be configured in ReACT/ReSOLVE to gain access to the software. Network usernames must mirror ReACT usernames, passwords are irrelevant. Alternatively dual access allows those not configured with mirrored accounts to key in a username and password to gain access to ReACT/ReSOLVE. Single sign-on facilitates options for sites to integrate ReACT & ReSOLVE in core operating systems such as CRM or Housing Management Systems.

Single Sign-on has no further technical requirements, purchasing Single Sign-on allows every user to take advantage of the functionality, unrestricted by licensing. Please contact us for further technical details.