Introduction to ReACT Web Services

ReACT Web Services allow for 3rd-party developers to integrate with the ReACT system from a source outside of the core ReACT application suite of products.

Key features & benefits

  • 3rd-party development does not need direct access to the ReACT system.
  • Simple, easy to create and cost effective.


  • Improve the integration between software solutions
  • Streamline business process by reducing the need to enter data into multiple systems

Product Overview

ReACT have a Web Service which includes a suite of methods for carrying out common tasks in the core ReACT system. These methods are made available to 3rd-party developers who can consume these methods to read or write ReACT related data in other software solutions, all in real-time. Web services offer a safe, simple and secure way of interacting with ReACT without the need to directly go into the ReACT back-end system.